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Digman & Vilep duo

Louie Digman (UK, 37) and Heiki Vilep (EE, 63) have been playing together since 2012.
In the beginning, there was a four-member band called Blueshound, which consisted of musicians from Estonia, Latvia, the USA and the UK. Many international blues festivals were visited, concerts were given and clubs were played. Having performed with different lineups in the meantime, the musicians found each other again in 2023. From now on, we continued together.
The repertoire mainly consists of boogie woogie, blues and rock'n'roll. Louie sings in his mother tongue - English and also plays the harmonica. In his search for sound, Heiki has played both a classical drum set and several different cajons and finally found a golden middle ground.
The Digman & Vilep duo is not to be confused with anyone, it sounds unique and recognizable.

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